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What is the main ideal of “resegregation now” editorial?

If you happen to read the “resegregation now” in the New York times, I need your help.

I am really appreciate your guys help, thank you.

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You can find a transcript of the editorial here:


“Supreme Court votes 5 to 4 that public school systems cannot seek to achieve or maintain integration through measures that consider student’s race”

It was basically lamenting the fact that the latest Supreme Court ruling has denied some schools the right to consider a student’s race when assigning them to schools.

On the surface, this seems a little bizarre. How do you integrate students if you disregard race? On the bright side, the sky is not falling. There are still thousands of school districts across the nation that support, and will continue to support, integrated education. There will continue to be a growing number of schools that seek to promote the preservation of culture by offering racially oriented programs.