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what is the answer for this?

six consecutive points X1,X2,X3,X4,X5,X6 divide circle of radius r into 6 equal arcs. the lines joining x1 to x4 and x6 to x2 intersect at y.The difference between the area of the segment x6yx4 and that of x4yx6 is equal to

1 ((3^1/2)/4)r^2-(pi/6)r^2

2 (pi/8)r^2

3 (pi/4)r^2-((3^1/2)/5)^r^2

4 (r^2(3-(3^1/2))/4

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There is no difference.

x6 y x4 and x4 y x6 are the same segment.


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Tiffany J
1. 2

2. 2

3. 2

4. i don’t know


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Juliu C
Not sure.