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What is a great opening sentence for a essay about the advantages of private policing?

no copy and paste answer, and for those who answer, i’m may be using your sentence, if of course it is good. it might be nice if it were engaging, yet informative, but not boring.


needs help in college

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“Shot anyone today? Well, here’s your chance!”

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sum1 w/ @n @nsw3r
Private policing offers us many advantages, and their use in Disneyland, the Mall of America, and many other places in the US truly shows the support it has gotten from the public police, lawmakers, and even our president.

Although the private police is the largest provider of policing services today as the police service in Disneyland, the Mall of America, the Abu Ghraib US military prison, and many more, and is very beneficial, it has been a long journey to finally being vocally supported by public police cheifs, lawmakers, and even our president after being critisized by public officials.


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* “Private eyes are watching you, they see your every move,” but not so with on-the-ball private policing.