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What does it take to be a cosmetic surgeon ?

I live in Canada(Toronto)…

If i want to be a cosmetic surgeon, what courses should i be taking in university? and how long will it take till i start making money?

and also, whut should i be taking in my senior year of highschool?

i’m really confused, i think i know whut i want to be, but i have no idea what to do to become it.

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For your senior year in high school, focus on taking science classes, biology, or if you took that already, advanced biology. Basically, you want classes that focus on science and health. Also, if your school has it, take Latin. Most medical terms are in Latin, so it is important.

I don’t know if you have large book stores such as Barnes & Nobles here in the U.S., but you probably do. Go as soon as you have time and look for reference books that help you find colleges. You can look for colleges that specialize in Pre-Med. You can also start researching medical schools to find out what they require in order to get in.

It will take a long time until you start making good money, but if you are a good plastic surgeon, you can make a lot of money – it’s worth the wait. You’ve got to put the time in to get the reward.

If you get into a college that’s pre-med, they will guide you through it, and your counselor, knowing what you want to become, will tell you what classes you need to take. If you are in a regular college, you need to take a lot of biology, chemistry, and other science, health, psychology and Latin classes. Also, as I said before, find out what the medical schools want, and go from there.

After college, you will go to medical school and take what the other students are taking. It’s not until much later that you will do a couple of years in your specialty; but you will be a doctor at the same time. Much of medical school is working in actual hospitals.

Once you’re finished, you’ll not only have the education, but years of experience as a doctor. Now the opportunities will be out there for you to pick. It may seem like a long time if you just look for the end of the road; instead, enjoy the journey, the experiences. Good luck.