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What are the English speech mechanisms and its functions? I need a really good answer. And a fast one!?

What are the English speech mechanisms and its functions? I need a really good answer. And a fast one!?

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The Linguistic Studies minor is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that exposes students to the many ways that humans use and interact with language. The student will gain a comprehensive view of how linguistics is examined in the disciplines of anthropology, English, psychology, communication disorders, classical and modern languages, and philosophy. Upon completing the minor, the student will have broad knowledge of linguistic principles, as well as specific knowledge relating to a chosen language of focus.

What are Linguistic Studies?

Language is one of the capabilities that most sharply distinguishes humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, so studying language provides unique insight into what it means to be human. The student will gain knowledge of:

1.how language reflects the realities of human society and culture;

2.how humans learn and comprehend language;

3.what happens when language ability is impaired;

different approaches to language research and fieldwork;

a specific language of global relevance.


The minor requires eighteen semester credit hours. The curriculum includes one three-hour foundation course (ENGL 3570), nine hours of formation courses (guided electives), three hours of foreign language, and one three-hour general elective. Course substitutions or directed readings courses may be approved by the Minor Advisor.


Students who wish to pursue the minor in Linguistic Studies should contact the minor Advisor (Dr. Richard E. Morris) in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures to discuss interests and career goals as well as to identify which courses will be taken to satisfy the requirements for the Minor. If the planned course of study is acceptable, then the Advisor will grant approval. Students are expected to consult with the Advisor at least once a semester to discuss progress and changes in plan.


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