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what are the disadvantages and advantages of hot air balloons?

I was just wondering.. why we have hot air ballons , is there an actual use for them or are the just for recreational purposes??

And do they have any disadvantages?

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They are primarily just for recreational purposes now. Sometimes they are used for weather studies and sometimes they are used for advertising.

Before airplanes they were a method of flying.

The disadvantages are that you have no control over where they go. You must keep heat going into the balloon to stay up in the air and there is always the possibility of fire. Lowering the balloon is also very dangerous because you don’t want to come down too fast.


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Hot air balloons were the first practical flying craft, invented around the time of the Civil War. They are simple and fairly easy to fly. They are primarily recreational now, however some rich guy just flew one around the worldwithout landing in order to prove something. Hot air balloons can go quite high compared to other sircraft so they are sometimes used to research high altitude stuff. The biggest disadvantage is that you cant steer the anywhere. Also they tend to fly better when the air is cool and fairly calm.

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