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Someone Please help me with my Definition Paragraph Assignment!?

Examples of the abstracting ideas such as friendship, courage, loyalty,charity, freedom, charisma, success, or failure.


Any new word that you have learned and the circumstances involved in learning the word.

In choosing a term to define, choose one that has given you a problem in the past or which you believe you see differently than others do, or that you have some reason for wanting to clarity.

Create a topic sentence

Decide on an order for the details and list them.

Add a concluding sentence

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When you are writing a definition essay, you are not only including the denotative definition (dictionary definition), but you are also including the connotative definition (words, ideas, concepts that are associated with that word). The connotative definition, although some similarities throughout a culture, could be different from person to person.

For example, take the word Dog. Dog has a similar definition from dictionary to dictionary, but the connotation may be different for each individual. Some may see a vicious pit bull; others may see man’s best friend; and in some Asian countries, some may see tomorrow’s dinner.

Your instructing wants to know how you personally associate with one of those ideas.

In addition to giving the connotative definition of your word, you can also include what a word is not.

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I am not positive what you want. but, I will try. My definition of friendship is Sue and I. Sue has the courage to do about anything. But, she won’t get in trouble. If you could see Sue and I you would see loyalty. We both have chrisma, and we both want to succeed in life. We hope to earn our freedom soon. One of our greatest success is to donate to charity.Neither one of use want to be a failure. We have set our goals and are trying our best to reach them. ( a new word I have learned is taut, my brother said to hold the rope taut,I asked him what he meant and he said to hold it tight.)

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a good friend here is some ideas i could think of : somebody who is there for you and will pick you up when you fall . somebody who likes you for who you are.

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Why don’t you post what you have already or what your thoughts are and we can help you?