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SAT’s December question?

Okay soo I’m applying to some UC’s and a couple Cal States. I took the SAT on Dec 1st, which according to the UC’s/Cal States is the last time you can take them. When registering for the SAT on collegeboard.com I picked the four schools that they let you pick for free, as the score recipients.So later I got my scores on Dec 20, and I “Rush reported” the other two scores I needed. None of the schools have sent me any notification that they have gotten them what should I do?

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Call the admissions office and ask…I don’t know if they will be open now though, probably after New Year..But still try to call them tomorrow

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I’ve never gotten notices (email or otherwise) from schools when they recieve my SAT scores. I’ve taken the SAT I reasoning test twice and three SAT II subject tests and have never been contacted by a school (especially UCs) for having recieved the scores. A lot of schools, however, start emailing you trying to get you to apply to the school when they recieve your scores – assuming they’re good – so you should be able to tell when the emails start pouring in.

Rush Report takes 3-5 business days, not including weekends and holidays so it should’ve gotten there by now. (I just called them about this topic myself today.)

UC schools aren’t open from December 24th to January 1st so you won’t be able to reach them by phone either (also called about this today). But then again, this could be the reason why you haven’t gotten any notifications!

Hope this helped. Best of luck!