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QUestions, Do u Kno the answers?

1. ______________is the exchange of soil and atmospheric air.

2. The Mixture of soil after and nutrients dissolved in it is call the _______________

21. Name two engineering properties of soil

23. What are the phases of soil?

25. Why stake a newly planted tree?

27. Explain why soil usually has less oxygen and more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere.

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1. Diffusion?


21. Texture and Rock Fragments

23. Slope, Water Erosion, Wind Erosion, Soil Deposition, Stoniness, Rock Outcrop, Folic, Peaty, Cryic, and Cryoturbated.

25. new tree plantings may require staking to protect and/or anchor the tree.

27. When organic matter decomposes in the soil, it gives off carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide replaces some of the oxygen in the soil pores. As a result, soil air contains less oxygen and more carbon dioxide than the air above the soil surface. Carbon dioxide is dissolved by water in the soil to form a weak acid (carbonic acid). This solution reacts with the minerals in the soil to form compounds that can be taken up and used as foods by the plants.