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prince k

plz answer is question?

usa is democratic country or not

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Tom S

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USA is a Representative Democracy. We elect people to vote for us. They are our proxies. If they don’t vote the way we like, we kick ’em out at the next election.

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it is fedral

The exact balance of power

between the central and the state

government varies from one federation

to another. This balance depends

mainly on the historical context in which

the federation was formed. There are

two kinds of routes through which

federations have been formed. The first

route involves independent States

coming together on their own to form

a bigger unit, so that by pooling

sovereignity and retaining identity they

can increase their security. This type of

‘coming together’ federations include

the USA, Switzerland and Australia. In

this first category of federations, all the

constituent States usually have equal

power and are strong vis-à-vis the

federal government.

The second route is where a large

country decides to divide its power

between the constituent States and the

national government. India, Spain and

Belgium are examples of this kind of

‘holding together’ federations. In

this second category, the central

government tends to be more powerful

vis-à-vis the States. Very often different

constituent units of the federation have

unequal powers. Some units are

granted special powers.


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If you go by the absolute technical definition of “democracy” no, the USA is not a democracy. True democracy where the people rule as one big mob is really only practical in very small populations. We actually have a federal system where the people have some power but mostly are represented in state and federal governments by professional politicians who do most of the deciding for us.

Hoope this helps.


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IT REALLY !! & TRULY SHOULD BE !!! I’m sorry I just do’nt know how to explain the republican side of things !! I just know I’ve never been fond of them !!! But other than that OPINION of it; “I truly put NOo,` faith or backing in or for either !! But if I did … without a doubt it would be with the democratic side !!!