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please somebody help me on this….?

i’m doing this paper on the Libra constellation

i have to make up a myth about Libra and make a 4 paragraph story describing it

i have to look at the stars and see what it looks like in my eyes

it cant be scales and balances cause that’s already out

i was thinking about a flying kite, but i got nothing

so can someone please help on the 4 paragaphs story

or at least give me a helpful website(s)

please help me i need this by either tonight or tomorrow


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I’m not sure exactly what type of story you need:

The Kite:

A journey like no other, that is my tale. A tale of the cosmos and heroics prevailed. All I remember is a bit here and there, for I was a young lass with ribbons in my hair. The tale begins on a warm Autumn day when the sun would come out with the wind and they’d play. One of those days, the most beautiful of days, my grandfather tapped at my door and asked me to play. A blue kite with yellow ribbon in one hand and an palm outreached with the other. I grabbed my coat and out we went with happy trails in our hearts and a big smiling kite all ready to soar.

As we approached the field with glee in our hearts, a frightful sight beget our steps. In front of us was the sun gleaming in the sky with a look of fright and guilt in his eyes. The wind blew frantically while wailing in distress. They had decided to play in the dry Autumn leaves when a fire arose at the top of the trees. “Oh me oh my what have I done? The rays of my sunshine have sparked up a flame in the middle of our game!” said the sun. “Oh me oh my, what have I done? I blew at the flames to make it undone and when I was threw flames were as large as the sun!” Wailed the wind.

I turned to my grandpa, “What should we do? The fire is fierce and to large for two?” My grandpa was wise you see, and that kite that he had was more than it was let on to be. “Worry not my dear,” my grandpa exclaimed, “My kite is a special kite, and will save the day!” I was quite worried, how could this be? A kite after all was only for play. “This kite will grow large and the wind will pick it up, scooping up the flames for the sun to carry up. Up, up and way up into the cosmos.” Said my calm and wise grandpa. “Can it be done, with wind and the sun?” I asked as worried as worried could be. “Wind! Pick up my kite and expand it with your mighty blow” My grandpa shouted. With this, the wind lifted the kite and stretched it oh so wide. With one flailing swoop the blue kite scooped up the fire without a fight. “Sun! Carry my kite on to your back, and fly it away to the stars and never bring it back!” The sun lifted the fiery kite onto it’s back and flew far away to the cosmos. It is done.

We sat there, my grandpa and I, under that tree and looked at the sky. Night arose and the greatest thing shone. It was the kite all lit up in the night sky as bright as any star, only it’s shape you see, it’s shape was the kite that had saved the tree. “Grandpa? What shall we call it?” I asked. “Well, September 23rd is the day. The time of the Libra, why don’t we name this constellation after the sign you were born under?” My wise grandpa exclaimed. I smiled at him with pride and admiration as we gazed up at our constellation with the utmost respect in our hearts…

I don’t know…. I hope it helps you at least a little bit. Good luck and take care 🙂


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The most obvious to me is a house, shelter, which should give you enough to make up a story about a place to live, a home in the sky, or a house amongst the stars, what is in the house, who would be there…etc.

Though I like the idea of flying a kite….carefree times with a friend…building a kite….getting it caught in a tree…or as a metaphor for “go fly a kite.” …a humorous play on words…


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There was a boy who wanted to draw an envelope without taking his pen off the paper – but it kept coming out wrong.

(3rd picture)

his mum would scold him for being dumb

but his physics teacher recognized it as Libra

you can add the rest…


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