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Volunteer work helps students to get involved in community. Most students do not have a clue how their community runs by. They think they are separated from community service. However, students should have responsibility to participate in their community because they would have better understanding of how our community is running and how we help the poor to live a better life. Hence, students often find pleasure because they are the one who change the world. They should feel proud of what they are doing. If students would not volunteer, there would be countless obstacles. For example, the poor who need desperate help cannot receive food, medical care, or can easily lose hope. Furthermore, students help to foster a sense of commitment to their community. As they participate in local community more, they show a keen interest in the community and actively participate in many clubs and volunteering places where they need help. Students would be more interested in their community as they s

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Volunteer work helps students get involved with the local community. Many students are unaware of how their communities function, and community service provides a chance for them to discover opportunities to help out. Volunteer students can experience a sense of pride as they help serve the needy in various ways like food kitchens, medical facilities, and access to housing. Without this type of support our communities would suffer. There would be a lack of hands to help provide services that many depend on. Seeing positive results from just a few hours of work can give students a greater connection to the community and encourage them to better it in other ways.

The difference between my paragraph and yours is just organization. Choose one aspect of service to talk about, make your points, and then move to the next. You may find it helpful to jot down a few notes of your ideas. Get them into a logical order and then flesh them out with explanations.

Don’t just copy and paste my answer. Your teacher will notice the difference and wonder where you copied it from. Better to get a B honestly than to get a zero for cheating.