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Persuasive Essay topics?

Hi! I need 2 wirte a persuasuve paper for school. It has to be pretty long so i need a good topic! Can you guys give me some good ideas? I want an idea that I can find a lot of information on, but i dont wanna do the common ones (abortion, death penality, euthinasia)!

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Trying to prusuade the world to stop global warming. hope that helps! P.S If that does not work, try to prusuade the world that your not dead.

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well, I am a mother of two, so maybe this was just more interesting for me, but Breastfeeding was a good topic for me. There are lots of positives to list. And when you have to give the view point from the other side you could say something about not having to find a private place. But way more positives for breastfeeding, not only the best for baby but also for mom. Helps mother lose weight initially faster, cheaper, no messy bottles to clean, never packing anything, healthier for baby. The list just keeps going on and on. Hope that helps.

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If you like baseball, two topics are interleague play or the designated hitter rule.

If you like pop culture, you could write about the rights of paparazzi versus the rights of celebrities.

You could discuss Internet gambling — like if it should be legal in the US.

You could discuss whether or not the US should offer a formal apology to France — given that they were right about going into Iraq.

You could argue that there is value to getting a degree in the liberal arts rather than something more directly applied to the real world like business or engineering.

You could think about something that you really care about — and try to convince others that this is the right way.

PS — make sure you use spellchecker!


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-Why or why not guns should be allowed to be kept with pilots (esp. after the terrorist attacks)

-why or why not teachers should be allowed to have a gun in the classroom (related to the attacks on schools recently and in the past)

-whether or not it is right to allow gays to marry

…..futhermore whether or not it is right to allowed gays to adopt children

– illegal immigration/amnesty

-whether we should stay in the war for the long haul

-whether we should pull out of the war

-breeding animals smaller (like miniature dogs) even though it reduces the life span of the animals to breed them in a way that isn’t their natural size

-global warming (this can actually be interesting if you do research…I argued against it once for the hell of it and actually found research about that movie an inconvenient truth like…when they originally wanted to do their first expedition for the filming, it was actually way too COLD and they had to cancel and reschedule, and yet we’re told the ice caps are melting more significantly than they are….it’s interesting)

I hope those help…..


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you should try the walkouts that have been going on on schools from the past years… like the economic effect, political, and social effect.. since economical schools lost a lot of money from kids not showing up to school, and workers not showing up to work… and political try searching the MeCha, Mexican Americans Rights… and well it is all basically based on the Mexican American Civil rights movement,a nd just put yo opinion out there on how you’d agree on this whole thing or disagree…

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Tina G
immigrants, school uniforms, schools having notebooks vs. laptops, pollution, trees being cut down , cats vs. dogs, electronical equipment and living without it, so yea hope it helps