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People of the Seal Part 1 and 2 Need to know summary for class tonight!?

People of the Seal, Part 1: Eskimo Summer and People of the Seal, Part 2: Eskimo Winter…I need a brief summary of what happens in the movies/documentaries for class tonight! Thanks so much!

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Summer, includes all of the Netsilk activities on the land. In the spring, they fish, gather moss and heather, and search for bird eggs. Summer they build a kayak for later use in caribou hunting. In Sugust they join other families at their store weir, where they trap slamon.Sept, the Netsilk return to the sea-ice. Winter, Sea-Ice freezes. Netsilk move out into the bay,and search for seal holes and bulid igloos. They concentrate on seal hunting which their lives depend. After they catch a seal, they divide it between families and use every part of the seal. They then have games and activities and then the Netsilk return to land.

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