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MIT Information?

Can someone please tell me all there is to know about MIT?

you know, the really prestigious one? I hear a LOT about it, but know little.

i would just like to know a lot of facts, like

admission requirements, average iq, awards……


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Lee G

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I’m an educational counselor for MIT- an alumni who interviews applicants to try to flesh out the two dimensional impression that most of application provides. Part of the interview is my telling them about the ‘Tute, giving a glimpse of the neat opportunities, the amazing students / staff / faculty that are there, and the fun and the pain that goes with being a member of that community. That conversation takes a good 40 minutes to an hour. I don’t think I can stuff much into a paragraph or two here.

Go to the website- the one that used to be web.mit.edu, because SIPB (the Student Information Processing Board) had claimed www.mit.edu first. Look into the admissions pages, and start to read the info and the blogs. Write to one of the students that are there, who have volunteered to share. Start drinking from the fire hose.


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Coolio A
imao…yeah, totally. wow. MIT…there’s a lot to list, but i’d recommend that you go to collegeboard.com and search for MIT in the links. They give you an overall perspective on which requirements you need to get in. btw, your IQ won’t matter in any way. lol.

btw, read your profile…u speak german!! lol. sorry, i get stoked when i find ppl who speak german.

good luck w/ MIT. Viel Glück