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The basal energy requirement B is the number of calories that a person needs to maintain the life process. For a 28-year old with a height of 160 cenimeters and a weight of 45 kilograms(kg),B is 1300 calories. If her weight increses to 50kg, then B is 1365 calories. There is a linear equation that expresses B in terms of her height w. Find the equation and find the basal energy requirement if her height is 53.2 kg

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B is a function of WEIGHT. (you have height twice).

B is a LINEAR equation. as weight increases, B increases.

a linear equation looks like: y = mx + b

here, y = B, and x = W

B = mW + b

m is the slope and be is the y-intercept (or B-intercept).

slope: (B,final-B,initial)/(W, final – W,initial)

= (1365 – 1300)(50-45) = 13 cal/kg.

to find little b, select either point:

B = 1365 for W = 50…. so…

B = mW + b

1365 = 13(50) + b….. solve for b.

B = mW + b

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