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Is glue biodegradable?

I waqs doing some homework involving glue and well..after reading so much about Global WArming, i wanted to find out. Which is more harmful to the environment, staples or glue?

Are they biodegradable or non-biodegradable?

Just curious…

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Well, white glue is water soluble so it’s biodegradable and it’s not a poison (you can eat it.)

Plastic, metal and wood glues are toxic, and so yes, I would say they are bad for the environment.

I would say that they are all quite bad for the environment. Glues will take lots of chemicals to make them, and some of these will end up in the water or trash if they are not properly disposed of.

Staples are made of metal and the production of these staples require machines and minerals. Strip mining is bad for the environment, so I guess the result of producing staples is bad. The staples themselves will just rust and disintegrate.


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it is bad 4r environment.