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Informative Speech?

Hey guys I have to give an informative speech in my speech class. Anyone have any good topic ideas?

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A hot topic that always gets a techers attention is whaen it’s about something that they never new them selves. Plus since you have to read it out loud you want to catch your peers attention as well. I would go with vegitarianism and it’s affect on our health and the enviromen. You don’t have to be a veg to to it. It’s an interesting depadable and EASY topic to do. THere are so many web sites on the issue the paper is practically written for you. The teacher will be impressed that you are expressing concern for your health and be even more impresses on your knowledge about the enviroment and that effect that factory farms have on it. Here I’ll make it easier for you. Here’s some web sites…peta.com, peta2.com, milksucks.com,actually there are too many…for more google …and I hope you try out this topic and then let me know what your teacher sais…