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If you were asked to list types of materials and their conductivity level, what would you include?

I just found it confusing because the question was not that specific.

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Firstly, is this electrical or heat conductivity or both?

1. Solids: Metals, alloys, Ceramics, Plastics, Composites

2. Liquids: Metals(mercury, Gallium), Inorganics, Organics

3. Gases: Air, Hydrogen, carbon dioxide and a host of others

Any handbook like Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook, Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry and others will give a lot of data. Data is also available from sites like


One can draw up a composite table showing all values of electrical and thermal conductivities.


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You have to consider a few things…

Relative Conductivity

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Tensile Strength

I hope these links give you some usefull info:


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i would include diffrent alloys of metals ( steel, iron and so on) and also materials that dont conduct like diffrent fabrics and foam and also ceramics