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I need to write…?

I need to write a 20 sentance summary on the vook called Ghost Eye by tommorow and 12 and only have 3 sentances. its for a bookclub i got trcked into

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Ghost EyeGhost Eye. Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman Scholastic, October 1992 Ages 9-12 Out of print, but check your library! Synopsis …

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Amazon.com: Ghost Eye: Books: Marion Dane BauerAmazon.com: Ghost Eye: Books: Marion Dane Bauer by Marion Dane Bauer.

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Amazon.com: The Ghost-Eye Tree (Owlet Book): Books: Bill Martin …Amazon.com: The Ghost-Eye Tree (Owlet Book): Books: Bill Martin,John Archambault,Ted Rand by Bill Martin,John Archambault,Ted Rand.

www.amazon.com/Ghost-Eye-Tree-Owlet-Book/dp/0805009477 – 164k – Cached – Similar pages

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Eye on the UnexplainedSmartly dressed in a summer white Navy uniform, he’s good looking, too, with light hair, a clear complexion and piercing blue eyes.” That’s how the ghost of …

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Barnes & Noble.com – Books: Ghost-Eye Tree, by Bill Martin, Jr …Ghost-Eye Tree, Martin, Jr., Bill Martin, Jr., Paperback, REV, Book, ISBN: 0805009477, Children – Social Issues, Children – Health & Medicine, …

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Did you read the vook ( book )? Read the Intro and choose 20 sentences that you are capable of writing in your very own words.

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go to spark notes.com and look up the book and SUMMARiZE it. DO NOT PLAUGERizE