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I need to write a 1000 word essay regarding this topic. I’m having trouble answering it. Please help……..

The civil rights movement was the precursor for identity and rights movements for many diverse groups. Discuss the origins of civil rights, its legal accomplishments and three of the movements that developed in the 1970’s and 1980’s?

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there is a lot of great information at history.com just type in the civil rights in the search box and the info should help you out tons. the movement helped african americans and women to get more rights. Seperate but equal was ended.

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You can do your own research on the origins of the civil rights movement, and then consider some of these as successor movements:

Rights of the disabled

Gay and lesbian rights

Women’s rights

Fathers’ rights

Animal rights


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how do you have to write an essay in the summer?

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dont worry, i feel your pain

wikipedia “civil rights”… see what you come up with


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Mvements: Black, Women and Gay

Legal accomplishments: no discrimination by gender, race or sexual preference

Origins: economic problems, low wages, great speakers

Those are starting points on which you can elaborate and research.


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