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Damon ♥ Elena

I need help with my thesis for my paper…..PLEASE!!….?

I’m writing a compare/contrast paper on watching a movie at home vs. watching a movie in the theaters. I can’t come up with a thesis for my paper. I’m writing about how much better watching a movie is at home. I started writing something like, “Even though movie theaters are exciting and entertaining, watching a movie at home is…….” Someone please help! Help me finish that statement or come up with something new….thank you!

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Even though movie theaters are exciting and entertaining, almost anyone would agree that there’s no place like home. Therefore, watching a movie at home is a far superior choice.

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Well, answer this question–what is the number one reason you prefer to watch movies at home rather than in theater?

For me, the thesis would be something like this:

Although the movies shown in theaters have the novelty of being new, watching a movie at home allows a greater control over one’s environment, making the film a much more enjoyable experience.

(I would go on to say that you can pause the movie, choose the people you want to be with, eat/drink what you choose and so on. Budget considerations come into play as well. The pluses on the movie side are the screen size, exceptional audio features and just enjoying being away from home.)

But basically, you have to do this using the points you would use for your own paper. If you had different points in mind, then you should use them.

Also, when writing a compare/contrast paper, many students tend to have only two body paragraphs: one contrast, one compare. I advise striking that and choosing factors to discuss; for example, one paragraph could be comparing and contrasting the environment. Another paragraph could be comparing and contrasting the cost (or whatever you find important.)

I know–this is probably too much information.


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Chadwick De Las Casas
Well firstly, we can’t come up with a “thesis” for you, you already have. Your thesis is that watching a movie at home is more enjoyable than watching a thesis at a movie theater, so you’ve accomplished that much so far.

As for an introductory argument, I recommend something along the lines of this:

“The incredible incomes acrued by movie theaters on the opening days of popular flicks is a clear indicator in people’s desire to watch their movies in such a setting, however as time goes on, there comes a clear point when it must be released on VHS or DVD. Therefore it appears logical that the theater grants a chance for viewers to have an early look at a film that they otherwise enjoy watching at home, otherwise an inverse of what occurs now would be true, and theaters would not see an impact on the market value of movies, and instead DVDs and VHS cassette tapes would not sell as frequently as they do.”


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May I help You?
Use the 1-2-3 Method.

1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

I want to show you why watching a movie at home using my dvd player is superior than going to a dirty, bacteria ridden movie theater – eating stale – greasy popcorn.

2. Tell them

I have found that movie theaters have people who like to enjoy a movie – while talking, text messaging, getting up during the movie, and laughing at their own jokes, makes me not want to pay $12+ for a ticket.

I believe my comfort is far superior at home, where I can stop the movie at any time – for a kitchen or bathroom break etc.

3. Tell them what you told them

In summary, dvd’s with individual control are far superior to a dirty, bacteria infested theater with strangers who don’t care about being quiet or staying in their seats.

Stop the even though – stuff.

Tell me what makes you think you paper is something worth reading.

I need to hear from you – from your heart and then your head can follow with the details.

You must put yourself into your work, otherwise it’s just an assignment.

Now – let’s hear what’s really on your mind. Catch me if you can with a Solid Punchline! – from your heart got that?

GOD bless us always.

MBA-Boston Univ.



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I would simply state that My opinion on this matter is that I feel watching movies at home is more convenient than going to a movie theater because I can pause a movie when I want, get up and go to bathroom when I want and even have what type of refreshments I want when I want them.

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Pete W
Girl (Say “Hi” to Eddie for me, please!),


Popcorn at home is better and fresher.

No noise at home compared to theaters.

Cheeeeeper! Save some money for other things.

If you have the equipment, pause: rewind: fast forward: (convenient) versus the theater.

More intimate (like, uh, with, uh Eddie!)

No travel involved.

If the movie stinks at home, turn it off. In theater, after you paid 20 bucks………….

“Even though movie theaters are exciting and entertaining, watching a movie at home is more convenient, quieter and less expensive”

Then go on to explain.

Good luck!


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Mrs. 26
comfortable. You dont have to get dressed up to watch a movie at home. You dont have to be on your best behavior, and you can cuddle with your loved ones, and laugh at the parts noone laughs at, and cry at the end without worrying about sniffling. Also you can pause it and finish the rest tomorrow if you want!

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um a smaller screen, amount of people, old vs. new movies, the food and drinks, the price, it’s loud in the theaters and the neighbors wont yell at u 2 keep it down, thats all i can think of at the moment.