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i need help revising this paragraph about dating men?

Beware the extremes

OUt of all the men women can date, three extreme types of men should be approached with caution. First, Goofballs tend not to take matters seriously, and everything is a joke to them. Goofballs are carefree men who don’t set any goals in their life. Second, the soul searching emotional wreck tends to pick out a wedding cake on the first date. They are extrememly clingy, and will ditch their somewhat macho persona and cry over every pathetic detail. Last, many women tend to yield to the charms and spells of conceited men only to discover that they are just an accessory. The world revolves around him and there will be no exceptions. Even if they are the hideous men alive, the conceited will convice themselves that they are irresistible and will gawk at themselves 24/7. In conclusion, avoid these men at all costs for they establish a miserable dating life.

i would like to put examples of these kind of people in my paragraph, so if you have an example of one put it

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If you add much more detail, then you will need to divide this into more paragraphs. You tend to over-use “tend”- lol. perhaps “usually” or “prefer”. I think you left out the word “most hideous” Maybe change “In conclusion” to “Therefore” and “for they establish” to “or expect a miserable…” Also substittute “they” with the noun it means in

“only to discover they are just an accessory” Who is the accessory ? the girlfriend? Also, capitalize Emotional Wreck and Conceited Man.