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pink and black queen (:

I NEED HELP! please!!! how to reserve the environment?

oh my goodness.

monday is my english “show and tell”

and my teacher gave me this topic: “reserve the environment” i have trouble researching as i couldnt find anything!! please give me some information! :'(

how to reserve the environment??? :”””(


PS.my friend got this topic”what would i do if i have a million dollars”

hey! thats not fair! ITS SO EASY :'(

mine is so hard!!!

i need answers BEFORE monday!!


may GOD bless you for your kindness(:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :”)

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“reserve” the environment??

You must be mistaken, I think you mean “preserve” the environment. . .it’s easy, just tell everyone to go green as in recycle, save water and electricity, and buy hybrid cars



A few days ago
anne b
Are you sure that it is RESERVE the environment? That doesn’t make any sense!