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answer boy

i need help!!?

I always stall doing my homework and it takes me two hours or more! Im stalling right know by writing this question!! i need tips to get focused on my homework and try not to stall and do something else!

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Lady S

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1. Shut off the computer unless you need it for research or as a word processor (then, shut of the internet).

2. Find a friend or sibling to study/do your homework with (it really does help).

3. Where do you do generally do your homework? Find another environment (without distractions) and see if that helps you focus. If you do your homework in your bedroom, is it untidy? If so, clean it up, because an orderly environment is very helpful in focusing. (The old Zen parable: Clean your room and your life will work.)

4. Look at your homework assignment and find something in it that intrigues or interests you and the rest will come easier (I know, there is little exciting about conjugating verbs).

5. “Penalize” yourself. No dessert, TV, games, phone calls, computer, etc. until your homework is finished.

6. Talk to your parents/instructors/school counselor and ask their advice.

7. Put on some background music (no Rap, Heavy Metal, or the like…something “easy” to listen to.) Instrumental and “easy listening” music has been found to help people focus.

8. If you find yourself losing focus on one subject, move on to the next, then go back to it. If you find yourself losing focus period, take a small break and exercise a little. Take a break and talk to a parent or sibling about your homework.

OK, I’ve wasted enough time. I had better get started on my own project, here. 😉 You are NOT alone!


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Johnathan R
1) Listen to quiet, instrumental music

2) Work for about 30 minutes, then take a 5 minute break

3) find the quietest, least distracting place to do your work (NOT the kitchen table)


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Try doing it at school in a study hall or group with friends and trachers to help. You’ll never get distracted there.

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don’t use the computer for homework until you are ready to type it out

research through encyclopedias