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how would I simplify the following: (8a^3 b^2)(2a^-4 b^-5) ?

Please explain answers and if you know any good webs that r FREE that could help with algebra 2 it would be appreciated.

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when you are multiplying numbers with the same base, you can “add” the exponents…

for example…

if you have a^4 x a^6…. that is = to a^(4+10) = a^14

So let’s look at your problem…. you have a^3 and a^-4… so you can add those exponents…. because you have same base of “a”…

And then you also have b^2 and b^-5 … so you can also add those exponents… because you have same base of “b”


(8a^3 b^2)(2a^-4 b^-5) is the same as…

= 8 x 2 x a^3 x a^-4 x b^2 x b^-5

= 16 x a^(3-4) x b^(2-5)

= 16 a^ -1 b^ -3