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how we can find journal about comparison inductive and deductive learning in sciences?

how we can find journal about comparison inductive and deductive learning in sciences?

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One should note that inductive & deductive approaches are for reasoning & not for learning.For any event or a research problems we give reasons(causes for event)for event or problem under study.Reasoning makes one logical in thinking process.Any scientific study requires inductive/deductive rasoning.

One may refer Rsearch Methods by zikmund

Research methods by Cooper & schindler

Learning styles /methods are different from what one has asked.

Active learning, Passive learning,learning by case study & group discussion (Group learning),Learning by involving in practical work etc.

When learning occurs one may reason his/her understanding by inductive & deductive reasoning

Thinking can be analytical, scientific, empirical, explanatory & exploratory.

One should clarify in which sciences one is referring i.e Material sciences, or Social sciences.


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