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How to send a package to a marine in Iraq?

I basically bought 2 of everything, eyedrops, aloe vera, lip balm, some non-parishable foods, starburst, books, and a couple of movies. How do I label all of this on the customs forms. I spit it all up equally into 2 boxes, hoping this would increase the odds of at least one reaching him. Should I repack it differently? How long does it generally take to reach them over there?

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I think you can send it to the Red Cross and they will send it to them. I think you can just pack it in a normal box so long as nothing is going to go bad while its in there. And put anything (like the eyedrops) in a plastic bag so that if it breaks it won’t get on everything else. I’m not sure about everything else. You can probably look it up at the Red Cross though.