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how to convert 85 km/h to m/s?

i know im being stupid bt i just cnt remember

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85 km = 85000m

1 hour = 3600 sec

divide 85000(m) by 3600 (sec); you will get the answer as 23.61 m/sec.


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For questions like, this, try to multiply everything out so that the units cancel each other out. Like if you want to convert 1km/s to m/s:

(1 km / s) x (1 m / 1000 km)

see how if you wrote this on a piece of paper, the ‘km’ units would cancel out, leaving you with m/s? Generally, that’s what you want to do in most conversion problems.


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Km H To M S

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It simple

85 km/h = ________ m/s

here you are converting from an higher qty to a lower qty therefore you multiply. i.e

(85 x 1000)m / (1hr x 60 mins x 60 sec)s = 23.61 m/s

(The 1000 is simply- 1000 m = 1km)


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You can’t convert Km/h (velocity units) into m/s2 (acceleration units), if you want to convert Km/h into m/s then do this: multiply by 1000 (from Km to m) and divide by 3600 (1h = 3600s) 83Km/h x 1h/3600 x 1000m/1Km = 83×1000/3600 m/s Hope it helped

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leslie from budapest hungary
36 km / h is 10 m / s. You devide 85 by 36 (2.36) and multiply it by 10.

The answer is 23.6 m / s.


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benjun s
The easiest & shortest way to convert km/hr to m/s is to divide the value by 3.6.

Or 85 ÷ 3.6, that will give you 23.611 m/s


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Sathish NandhaKumar
1 km/h = 0.278 meters / second

Therefor e 85 km/h —–> 23.611 meters / second

Got it???