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How should I start my english oral presentation?

I’m doing mine on the debate corcerning whether iternational adoption is a good idea. I know what I’m saying and what my points are but how do I start it ??

And are there any tips on how to make a good speech ??

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Please don’t start off, “today I’m going to talk about.”

You could start off with a series of questions you will answer in your speech. For example: What did you think when you heard that Angelina Jolie and Madonna were adopting children from Africa? What would your reaction be if someone in your neighborhood adopted an Iraqi child made an orphan by the war? Do you think people should adopt children from other countries at all when there are children here in our country who need, who deserve love and protection every bit as much?

Of course, I don’t know what your points are, so I can’t give you exact examples.

If you choose this model, answer your questions in the order you asked them.

Make for a smooth conclusion. Briefly, in two or three sentences summarize your points. Don’t start your conclusion with, “and in conclusion.”

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