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How many adults with Autisum or and Autistic Spectrum disorder work? Where can I find this info?

Please do NOT say “Use the internet, silly” I know that part.

Does anyone know of a working URL?

I found a peer reviewed article (from Google Scholar) that was just what I needed-yet the reference that this person gave was no longer on the internet.

The data that this paper was from the Roper Poll and what percentage of those adults with Autism or an ASD are working. But again-the reference was outdated.

Please, serious only need to reply. Thank you in advance.

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i would suggest trying the bureau of statistics website… you can generally get that information off of the last census data. the site for it would differ depending on which country you are from though… maybe if you do a general search for the bureau of stats. and then use the site to do a more detailed search into what you are looking for.

hope it helps