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How does the internet media affect society.?

Have to do a panel presentation so I am just looking for something on how the internet media affect society. what are the pros and cons? What are the statistics of internet users? All information is helpful. only serious answers only please. I am pressed for time with having three different papers to do research reports. so only serious answers. thank you all in advance.

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some pros about the Internet is that people seem to be more aware of things, such as news, gossip, etc. people meet people, information is a click away, unlike before where books were used lol (me being in high school, teachers always say that)

some cons are the people will forget words, because of the acronyms. in other words, people might not be as smart as before.

a big con is that young teenage girls are at times fooled by 30 year olds trying to be a teen again.

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Lazy bones, you watch TV,computer, internet, want credit and no works.. This is the greatest lie I ever heard that Internet user finds difficulty to find effects of internet on society… sorry.. however you may get answer for money you pay.. No free lunch

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Here are a few suggestions. It gives you a chance to advertise a product or meet new people. Downside, you spend too much time here and forget about the real world.

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omg it opens windows we’ve never had readily to us befor it’s a crying shame to i tell yah