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Kylie B

How do you get a job as a tutor?

not trying to brag, but i am really smart. everyone thinks i should tutor someone, but i dont know wut to do.

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Print up flyers including your credentials, your contact information, some personal info, and what subjects your offering to tutor others in. Ask a higher-up at your school for permission to tape them up on the walls here and there or the doors.

Or you could leave flyers at your public library. Another option is to have them announce your offer over to speaker during morning or evening announcements. You may also want to tutor younger kids, so you may want to leave up flyers around your school district’s grade and middle schools as well. Wherever you choose to advertize, make sure to get permission first, even from your parents or guardians.

Have a price in mind. I won’t tell you how much, but consider who will be hiring you to tutor their kids. Do you live in an area where people have cash? or is everyone heating their houses with their stoves because they can’t afford the heating cost? You may want to cost by the hour, and have a refund available if you haven’t been much help.