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How do I write this thesis statement?

i’m writing a paper on the setting (&& how it contributed to the movement of the story), characters (two with their important character traits), and theme (&& 2 places where it proves it) of a book. I need a thesis statement, and i dont know how to go about writing it. Please help!

btw- i need ONE thesis statement, since they are all going in one paragraph. Thanks!

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(insert adjective such as lovely, stark, colorful, strong, ..whatever you feel fits the story)


(insert adjective such as strong)

character development and

(insert adjective such as interesting,… whatever you feel fits the story)

and theme all contribute to the

(appealing, exciting, fascination, remarkable, whatever you feel fits)

story presented in (Insert book title).


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c h
Hi Jamo,

First of all you need to try and limit your thesis statement to one sentence. In this, combine all the information that you can to give the point that you are trying to make. The sentences in the paragraph around your thesis should support this or lead to it, however the statement should be what the paper is about

IE: John and Jennifer’s reckless ways fit well in this book full of bad choices which lead to their eventual happy ending in a place where most would be in despair.

The sentence above would allow you to finish your paper highlighting the setting, characters traits, and theme. As you can see I have mentioned the Characters, trait (reckless), and setting (a place of despair).

It may take a few sentences to find one that works best, but not seeing what you have already written this is the best I can do to help. Maybe use your names and traits as supporting sentences and bring it together in one statement.


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Well then, take them one at a time. The thesis should simply be a statement of what you plan to do in the paper. One paragraph sounds kind of skimpy to cover all of the things you noted there, and typically a thesis statement is designed to explain the direction you are going for an entire paper.

Edit: Your question is vague, and you seem unwilling to even click the link I provided which will tell you everything you could ever want to know about a thesis statement. . . here’s another.


What I’m getting at is that I think you may be using the wrong term when you say thesis. Try this link for more information.


And, please, don’t get angry. I’m a librarian by training, and we’re trained to point people to information that will help them, not do the work for them. . .


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The story _____X____ reverberates with the atmosphere of the desert. It is set in the Mohave where the people are all languid and move very slowly, especially character A who stares at an old fuel pump all day, and character B who flips through a magazine. Their apathetic sense of life is particularly evident during the shoot out in front of the gas station when, despite the flying bullets shot by the rival gangs, A and B just glance up, check out what is going on, and go back to their usual habits. It’s evident this story is about lives that never change.

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Jess F
The setting of _____ by ____ helps develop the traits of character a and b as well as the theme of _____. Is this what you were looking for?