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homework help?

i have this homework assignment about drugs. the directions say “Share you personal commitment to living a healthy llifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs or violence. Your assignment may also include how and/or why you choose to live a healthy style” i dont get that. so somebody willing to give up their time can pls write less than one essay about it. who evers is first and best essay not exceeding 1 page will get 10 points. thanks

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You should write this one yourself – you understand what the teacher wants – don’t pretend you don’t … if I’m wrong and you REALLY don’t – go ask your parents for their input as to your teachers intentions. The healthy lifestyle free of all those bad things is very important. Do you want to live a long life and be healthy enough to enjoy it fully all along the way? I think your teacher is giving you a lot of leeway here to talk about your dreams, aspirations, ambitions. Do you know what type of career you might pursue? It’s ok if you don’t, you’re still young – but if you do have an idea – think about the requirements of that field/industry and think of reasons it will be important to be more healthy as opposed to less healthy. Do you want to be a dentist? I think dentists should set a good example for their patients – they should appear to be healthy, bright eyed, with white teeth, always smiling – who wants a dentist who is over weight, who smokes and has coffee stained chompers? Maybe you want to be a dancer? You’d obviously need to be very physically fit – you’d need to be flexible, strong and have strong bones. Do exercise and a sensible diet sound like requirements for a career in dancing? I’d think so. How about politician? You’d be mentally engaged all the time, talking to people in the community, discussing issues of the day – every day something different – you’d have to be a public speaker, a negotiator and more. Sounds to me like you’d need every moment of sleep you can get, eat right, look healthy (voters don’t usually pick people who have bags under their eyes who don’t think fast on their feet.) Brain food, exercise, drinking gallons of water, getting your anti-oxidants – all things a politician may want to consider.

You need to do this one yourself – it’s much more important than it may seem at first glance.

Good luck!


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I would say:

In my life, i would choose to be healthy with no alcohol or anything by saying no to peer pressure. Peer pressure is a BIG thing for alchohol. Alcohol might be addicting, but either way, i will never do it even if i just try it once, i will never do it. Also, it can change your life by being healthier and live longer, so you’ll have a better chance of doing more stuff like breathing better and won’t have as many heart attacks or might not mess up your brain.


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No one is going to write your essay for you. This is a really simple topic, just right about why you want to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs….it’s one page that’s nothing!

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Well, I’ll help you but I won’t write it for you.

Examples of living a healthy lifestyle would be exercising, eating right, not doing drugs, hanging out with the right people, trying hard in everything, etc.