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Help with english report?

Can someone please write 5 paragraphs on patriotism

including a conclusion a intro and 3 paragraphs on patriotism

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No way…. But I can help you structure your essay. Search ‘patriotism’ in google and get info on it. Then structure your paragraphs like this:

T- Topic (Introduce the topic of the paragraph)

E- Evidence (Give evidence for your paragraph)

E-Explain (Explain how this evidence is related to the topic)

L- Link (Link the paragraph back up to the main topic, or to the next paragraph)

Your introduction should have a topic sentence, state your contention (your opinion on the topic) and list the main points you’ll be discussing in the essay.

Your conclusion should sum up the whole essay strongly in 3 or 4 sentences and make your opinion clear.

Hope that helped. Make sure you keep your paragraphs down to 4 or 5 sentences at the most, and check for spelling and grammar and you’ll at least have a pass.


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You don’t want help, you want someone to do it for you! I could do exactly what you asked… but you wouldn’t learn a thing. Sorry.