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Help me write a Kurt Cobain persuasive speech?

I need to do a persuasive speech, I want to persuade you to think that Kurt Cobain’s death was not a suicide (which it was, I just want to do an interesting report and not something like smoking or abstinence) and I need to know some arguments and reference sites about his death and why people think it was a murder and who and how I should start it, thanks

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Why not go with accidental. Why try to persuade people it was murder. In most articles it says how high he was and even if the thought of suicide was there maybe it was an accident.

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i like the assumption, despite the fact that, you’re good. it would be very difficult to disprove his suicide. additionally, it may desire to be difficult to locate authentic information because of the fact it sort of feels all the preparation obtainable on the subject count of his loss of life are opinionated and not hardcore information.