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Help!! I need to write a speech on HUMOR!! plzz i need bug tym help!?

I need suggestion to WHAT to write in a speech, whose title is HUMOR. I aint gettin any info.

I need further suggestions or lines that what should i start with, or give my intro, which wud make my audience laugh.

And any imp. points and notes for the speech related to humor.

P.S. I need to give this speech in my school.

So plzz helpppp!!!

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Humor allows us to go where no man has gone before. Humor doesn’t always instill laughter, it can just awaken a feeling of euphoria. It can help complete a difficult day. It isn’t always something that it is vivid like the chartreuse but it is always clear. You do not have to be a comedien to master humor, you don’t have to watch a sit-com to see humor. Humor comes to us in small yet valuble packages so you have to be able to see it when it isn’t so vivid.I am looking around at various objects and photos in my livingroom and I have already had an opportunity to grin. When you can see humor in things that aren’t slapping you in the face with hard hitting comedy, then you will be able to write about humor.

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Mad Irishman
Write about why some comedians can be funnier than others without swearing. Or write about what is funnier, humor made up or humor from real life experiences? Do we need to make fun of others in order to be funny? Or the medical benefits of laughter? Or the history of humor – who told the first joke?

Open with your own favorite joke.


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Shredded Cottage Cheese
start out…”Two guys walk into a bar..the third guy ducks!….Take my wife…please! These two very old jokes illustrate how humor has been an important part of entertaining humans for a VERY long time”\

Then talk about how humor has evolved, and how the internet, DVDs and satellite radio has helped make a whole bunch of comics more well known.

Talk a little on how humor has been shown to reduce stress, bllod pressure, etc.


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Tren Lau
The intro could be what is humor? And then give a little funny description (Laughing over something which is usually pretty stupid or nothing important)