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help! chemistry problems that need conversion..?

1. the average man requires about 2.00 mg of riboflavin per day. How many lbs of cheese would a man have to eat per day if this were the only source of riboflavin and if the cheese contained 5.5 microgram riboflavin per gram?

2. The unit of land measurement in the metric system is the hectare: in the english system it is the acre. A square exactly 100 m on a side has an area of one hectare. If it is 208.7 ft on the side, the area is one acre. How many hectares per acre?

3. The unit of length, the furlong, is used in horseracing. The units of length, the chain and the link, are used in surveying. There are 8 furlongs in 1 mile, 10 chains in 1 furlong and 100 links in one chain. What is the length of one link in inches?

please include detailed solution…thnx!!!;)

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are you sure this isn’t your homework?you should do this by your own research…well anyway, asking question thru this manner is a ‘way of research’, so here goes…ü

1. Given: 2.0mg of riboflavin per day, 5.50microgram of

riboflavin per gram of cheese

Req’d: amount of cheese to consume per day (in lbs)

Sol’n: We know (from units convertion table) that

1000micrograms is equal to 1mg, therefore;

2mg=2000microgram, and to compute for amount

of cheese, 2000microgram/5.50microgram per

gram of cheese, we have 363.64gm of cheese,

since there is 453.592gm in 1lb (from table), we can

say that a man should eat at least 0.80lb of cheese

a day to complete his daily riboflavin req’t (363.64/


2. Given: a square having a side of 100m length = 1 hectare

a square having a side of 208.7ft lenth = 1 acre

Req’d: no. of hectares per acre

Sol’n: 1 hectare = 100×100 = 10,000sq.mts.

let’ convert 208.7ft to meters, thats 208.7/3.28

(becoz there’s 3.28ft in a meter) = 63.628m

therefore, 1 acre = 63.628×63.628 = 4048.53sq.mts.

so, 1 acre = 4048.53m²/10,000m² per hectare

1 acre = 0.4048 hectare, or

1 hectare = 2.47 acre (check this in the table)

3. Given: 8 furlongs=1 mile, 10 chains=1furlong, 100links=


Req’d: inches in 1 link

Sol’n: from the table (1 mile = 63,360 inches)

8 furlongs = 63,360inches or 1 furlong = 7,920inches

10 chains = 7,920inches or 1 chain = 792inches

100 links = 792inches or 1 link = 7.92inches

Hope this answers ur questions, good luck!ü