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hello frnz i need some help in my sst holiday homework?

q.how can you reuse each item below

1.old notebook

2.old clothes

3.old calender

4.soft drink can

5.jam bottles


please help me find info till 7th july

thank you

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u can send the used pages of your old notebooks for recycling, u can also file them in a folder and use them as pasting base[ to paste the important cuttings].

unused pages can be used for rough work.

colorful old clothes can be cut into random shapes and then shaped into a bag[stiching] to give it a designer look. also u may cut out some pieces for making dusters. u may help the poor and needy by giving them a few pairs.

the backside of oldcalenders in mostly white, u can cover you notebooks with them to give them a new look.

color the jam bottles with different and attractive colors and u may use them as flower pots. u mays keep 6-7 such pot on the ends of each stairs.


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Shivani Nehra
go for what pepper altoid says