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During his almost 7 yrs as president, how has Bush enhanced or increased opportuinities for freedom in the USA


how has Bush restricted or limited opportunities for freedom in the USA?

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Well the tax breaks really boosted a sagging economy. Any time you help the economy, you enhance economic freedom for all.

You might want to mention that every time taxes are lowered, the economy increases and tax revenue actually goes up. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it always works.


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Joseph, II
Well, that depends on who you ask… If you’re an American traveling by air- your freedoms have been reduced, because you’re subject to long delays & Security lines at Airports. If you’re an Illegal Alien crossing the Border from Mexico, however- you have a better chance of finding a job & eventually obtaining citizenship here- if you live here long enough. If you’re an American who wants to go on a Canadian vacation- then your freedoms have beed reduced, because now you have to await a long backround Check & pay a large FEE to obtain a Passport for yourself & all those who are going on Vacation with you. But if you’re a member of a foreign Terrorist group & are looking to bulk up your ranks with disenfranchised malcontents- then Bush has provided you with lots of opportunities and new members who want to express their “displeasure” at Him & at anyone who fights under his “authority”. So it’s ALL a matter of who you ARE, & HOW you look at it. 🙂

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