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Does anyone know the name of a famous anti-communist comic book popular in the ’50s?

I’m looking for information on a famous comic book or pamphlet that was published near the1950s that featured about 20 “points” against communism, each with an accompanying illustration. I remember that in one frame, the local commie chief forces people to be plumbers. I know that it’s posted online, but I can’t remember the name of it.

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Dramatizations of communist take-over were found in pamphlets and comics. One of the most famous of these comics, “Is this Tomorrow”, showed the “Russians conquering and enslaving America.” This fifty-two page, full-color comic book was published in 1947 by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society of St. Paul, Minnesota. It was originally sold for 10 cents a copy but was later distributed to many church groups. There were over four million copies in print.

Many other comics followed but none with the same success as the first “Is this Tomorrow”.

There are various versions of this comic: the Australian version is black and white, with a colour cover. There was even a French-Canadian version, A Quand Notre Tour?

While comics were popular, other pamphlets and books also were produced in mass quantities. Books like “You can trust the Communists (to be Communist)” were published by the Christian Anti-communist Crusade (Schwarz). The book cover itself advertises, “over 1,000,000 copies in print.” Books like this were not unfamiliar to the American public. This particular book, as well as many others, discussed the beliefs and practices of communism with their own particular spin, to accommodate their interests. For decades, top-selling books covered everything from Communist take over of American cities to what the communists are really up to and to how to protect yourself from the “reds.”


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Was it “This Godless Communism”? I’m wondering if it is by the description you gave! I hope this is what you were looking for! Good luck!