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Do you have any ideas on speeches to inform? to demonstrate?

I have to do a speech to inform, I have to demonstrate something but NOTHING to do with food products. Any ideas?

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for our demonstration speeches in high school, i brought in my saxophone (and a few i borrowed from the school for the demonstration) and showed them first how to play it (sort of), and then the difference in the different voices, and also some of the styles of the music saxophones are used in.

a friend of mine demonstrated “how to get ready for school” and had a TON of props…shower curtain, cereal, sleeping bag, the works. it was fun to watch, and definitely something to remember.

as for the informative speech, talk about something that you’re interested in, or kind of curious about yourself. that way, when you are doing the research for it, you’re learning stuff that you care about. my informative speech was on body art (tattoos, piercings, etc). i actually learned quite a bit about it.

hope this helps!

feel free to IM/Email if you need more suggestions 🙂


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You would exhibit learn how to make a balloon animal or do a functional origami. You would exhibit learn how to write a functional poem, learn how to use a yo yo, juggle, or anything you’re capable to do or can be taught to do swiftly. You would exhibit learn how to do a little form of bodily endeavor (this can be a well hot-up for…), learn how to knit or stitch. You would exhibit learn how to tie a necktie, or a complicated bow, learn how to fold a serviette, learn how to make a paper fortune teller. You would show a few form of research ability. Try to prefer whatever you’re desirous about and may also be enthusiastic approximately, that a minimum of one of the folks would possibly not understand how to do, and maintain it functional! Good success.