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Counseling group for middle school girls?

I am doing a project for a counseling group and need some assistance or advise. The program is a self esteem counseling group for middle school girls. The problem I am having is I would like to call the group SEEG which stands for Self Esteem Enhancement Group. My instructor advise me to try another name because I wouldn’t want the girls to say “I am going to the SEEG”. What can I call this class? I would like to use an acronym like SEEG, but I am not sure what to use. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help

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He’s right from a show biz point.

You want them to say I’m going to




Think about it

You want it to be something that makes them feel proud and stupendous.

You WANT them to feel SUPER

So you need a Comic Book Hero name

SEEG is blah

He’s right

He’s smart

This has to be SPARKLE, BLAZE, TOP, F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

Get the point.


Remember they are called PREPPIES not TACKIES

They are called JOCKS not MUSCLEBOUND or LUNKS

The are not HULKS

You want these girls to be



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Your instructor is right. You can’t make it sound like it anything but something really really cool.

At our MS we had a club with similar goals called “Sophisticated Ladies”.

I’d leave the acrynym out. To a MS child it makes it have a negative connonation.

ISD – In School Dentention or ISS In School Suspension, IEP Indvidualized Education Plan, ADD, ADHD – none of them are things a child would “choose.”

Only use an acronym if it spells a word that the girls wouldn’t mind owning.

Or – you could have THEM come up with a name. Call it SEEG to start with, then have them come up with what to call it.


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in basic terms call them the e group in case you like a a recognition. e might desire to strand for esteem or excellence or something which you incredibly want. it would advance the esteem of those scholars in case you enable them to under your coaching choose a recognition for their group.