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Confused College Student Wanting 2 Become An EMT…..Help!!!?

Someone Please Help!!!! I’m currently in college, nursing major, but I really really really want to become and EMT, and then in the future a Paramedic…I want to transfer to a local community college and take the emt classes but my parents don’t want me to….I know that this shouldn’t matter because I’m 19 and it’s my life to live and only I know what will make me happy….They want me to stick with nursing and they don’t want me to become a paramedic because nurses make more money and blah, blah, blah……I know that paramedics don’t make the greatest money, but it’s still should be enough for me to make it on my own……right???? Is there anyone out there who’s been in my shoes???? or maybe just an emt or paramedic who’s making on there own that can give me some helpful info???? Please Help!!!

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since you are already in nursing, this is my advice, go through with it, and get your paramedic, you will then open more doors for yourself and with the nursing and medic, you can go on to work for a trauma helicopter… you can do both!!! i am an emt-iv and plan on going on to be a medic, or an rn…. i really want to work on the helicopter, that would be just awsome!! plus, when working on the helicopter, you know you are going on a real call, where as being a medic, you dont know if it is a real call or someone bored and dialing 911…

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First off, you need to make your own choices. It’s your life, not your parent’s, and you’re the one that’s going to have to live with your decisions, not them.

Secondly, nursing and paramedicine are not mutually exclusive.

There are a few RN-to-paramedic and paramedic-to-RN bridge programs out there. Many RNs are also paramedics and vice versa. There’s no reason why you can’t finish nursing school, and then take a bridge course, or a regular paramedic course while working as an RN.

It’s possible to make a decent living as a paramedic, but you certainly won’t be driving the latest model car and living in a condo in the nice part of town. The average paramedic works two jobs to provide for his or her family. The pay varies from place to place, but here’s a good example. Where I live, you can find an entry level medic job, starting at 11.50 an hour + mandatory overtime that probably brings your average pay up to 15 an hour. An entry level nursing job in the same area starts at 18 an hour, and you aren’t required to work overtime.

Nursing is a stressful occupation, but it’s different than being a paramedic. As a nurse, you might have to work 12 hour days, but as a paramedic, 24 hour shifts are the norm. As a nurse, you get to work in a comfortable, air conditioned environment, but as a paramedic, you will be out standing in the rain, wind, snow, and sun, potentially working in dangerous conditions. As a nurse, you’ve got lots of people to help with the heavy patients, but as a paramedic, it’s just you, your partner, and the 300 lb patient to lift. As a nurse, if you get absolutely sick of seeing patients, you can always switch to “behind the scenes” work, as a case manager, teacher, or supervisor. As a medic, your options are limited. The “burnout” rate among paramedics is high, as most don’t last 5 years in the field before they move on to a different occupation. Guess what most of them move on to? Nursing! 🙂

I love being a paramedic, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m actually considering nursing school eventually, because I can’t imagine having the strength to go for 24 hours without sleep or a decent meal 20 years from now.

If I were you, I’d continue on with nursing school, if only to have a backup if you decide to leave paramedicine. If I could do things over, that’s exactly what I would have done!

Good luck in whatever you decide!


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A possible compromise might be to transfer to a community college and complete the nursing program there. After you have completed the nursing program you could then complete EMT training with the realization that the training each programs offers would support your long term goal of working as a paramedic.

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