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chemistry questions?

#1. A stock solution containing Mn2+ ions was prepared by dissolving 1.748 g pure manganese metal in nitric acid and diluting to a final volume of 1.000 L. The following solutions were then prepared by dilution:

For solution A, 50.00 mL of stock solution was diluted to 1000.0 mL.

For solution B, 10.00 mL of solution A was diluted to 250.0 mL.

For solution C, 10.00 mL of solution B was diluted to 500.0 mL.

Calculate the concentrations of the stock solution and solutions A, B, and C.

(Type your answer using the format 8.050e-3 for 8.050 × 10-3.)

Stock solution =_________M Mn2+

Solution A =__________M Mn2+

Solution B =__________M Mn2+

Solution C =__________M Mn2+

#2. A 10.00-mL sample of sulfuric acid from an automobile battery requires 12.05 mL of 2.12 M sodium hydroxide solution for complete neutralization. What is the molarity of the sulfuric acid? Sulfuric acid contains two acidic hydrogens.


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