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Can you help me write a newspaper article?

Im writing about teens and technology today.

how can I write an article about this without sounding like an old man.

what can I write about?

this is for a high school newspaper.

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Start with an opening anecdote. Personalize it. Interview someone who uses technology. What is the first thing this person does after school?

Check her cell phone for calls, log onto myspace or facebook, check out favorite websites, listen to her ipod.

Post videos from her cell phone on youtube.

Then go to how teens have technology at their fingertips. How they use it for communication and school.

Use kids frfom your school but also do some research on national trends.

Quotes and names make a story relate to your audience. Use them.

Sound more conversational than English paper formal.

Read it out loud to see if it sounds like you.


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How about a piece of writing on what Hillary’s or Obama’s stance is on subject matters that celebrate plenty to young ones? How about a piece of writing about how those who won’t be able to vote can replace the outcome of elections? How about a piece of writing summarizing and comparing the significant applicants’ stances on a number of subject matters, utilizing expenses from previous interviews?

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natasha s
Try how 50 years ago no one had cell phones, and today just about every teenager has one. The access of knowledge the are given at an early age compared to even 25years ago. Computers, cell phones, etc…

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stress that technology is not just for the elders of today, but for the teens that will be the next generation running this country tomorrow.

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