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can you help me in my science project .on the topic “EFFECTS OF BAD EATING HABITS.”?

I HAVE TO MAKE A PROJECT ON THE THE ABOVE TOPIC IN ABOUT 20 PAGES .help me out or suggest a proper site.

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you eat bad, you get fat, and then you die, end of story, lol

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well im kinda assuming u mean eating too much not starving yourself, eating at diffrent unbalanced times,getting on diets or eating very poor in nutrition foods..

wow thats a kinda big question but well lets see…

eating bad =high salt , high sugar ,colesterol ,high fat & no fiber

=(each problem will branch out and open doors to other problems!!!!!)

diabetes,heart attack,stroke,cut limbs,suicide,poor healing,high medicle bills,head aches,complication cause you cant take all the meds u need cause some will interact with each other,sad family cause U are dead,possible link to alzheimers,surgery,lots of stress on joints, possible loss of sex drive,malnutrition,poor performance at anything when it comes to using your mind or body,the use of weight loss meds which might kill you or disable you,embarrasment,depression,the list goes on.but the majority of the probs will die when u do but some wont like medicle bills or so and the hurt from ur illnesses or death and other things i feel.

* i would love to see your report when u finish btw! :)*


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Eating bad foods can cause a wide range of medical problems.Food with additives can contribute towards ADD.lIST is endless.

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Hmmmmm….. Some subtopics for your paper could be:

1. obesity

2. diabetes

3. heart disease

4. malnutrition/vitamin deficiencies

5. anorexia

6. food allergies

7. arthritis

8. diseases

9. depression

These all can be effects of bad eating habits. You could use them to make an outline of your paper.


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I can give you a reccomendation, eating Cheetos is bad for you, any food that is artificially colored yellow/orange is not good to put into your mouth……

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liana k
u should watch the movie supersize me!

it will give u so much to talk about!


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easymf co in
You would better ask a diet expert. Check http://ask.earn.tk/