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can someone help me with this math problem?

I need help on this math problem could someone please help me??

it says

use an equation to model the relationship in each table

hours: pay:

2 $10.50

4 $21.00

6 $31.50

8 $42.00

thank you to the people who help me!

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x=hours y=pay

x*5.25= y


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The first thing you gotta do is look at how the # of hours corresponds to the amount of pay. Notice that for every 2 hours, you’re earning $10.50, so you’ll get paid $5.25 for every 1 hour. Model this information in an equation written in slope-intercept form.

y = mx + b

“y” represents the amount of pay you earn, and “x” is the number of hours you work. “b” will be how much you earn when you don’t work at all ($0). “m” will represent how much you’re earning per hour.

y = 5.25x

Convert 5.25 into an improper fraction: 5.25 –> 5 1/4 –> 21/4

Your final equation: y = 21/4x