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Can someone help me with this lol?

i got this sent to me and i have no idea how to do it lol can someone help?

have to write in the line “subject,” “predicate nominative,” “direct object,” “indirect

object,” or “object of preposition” to indicate how the underlined noun in each sentence

is used.

1. He had a burden for the salvation of the native Americans.

2. Tuberculosis caused great agony for Mr.Brainerd.

3. Jerusha Edwards remained a faithful nurse.

4. By sharing the Gospel,Mr.Brainerd showed obedience.

5. This missionary was a fervent, praying man.

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1. burden = direct object

salvation= obj. of prep.

Americans= obj. of prep.

2. Tuberculosis= subject

agony= direct object

Mr. Brainerd=obj. of prep.

3. Jerusha Edwards=subject

nurse= predicate nominative

4. Gospel=

Mr. Brainerd= subject

obedience= direct object

5. missionary=subject

man= predicate nominative


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You need to show which word is underlined for this to be answerable. Use square brackets, for example. In no. 2, the noun could be ‘Tuberculosis’, ‘agony’ or ‘Mr. Brainerd’.